Anna Spearman Residency at the KCAT, Kilkenny

Monday 16th May – Friday 27th May. Artist Anna Spearman will embark on an Engagement residency at the KCAT (Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent) Studio in Callan Co. Kilkenny. This residency will involve the artist working alongside the 13 KCAT Studio artists, as part of KCAT’s Engagement project which promotes meaningful relationships between pairings of mainstream artists and those in KCAT. Engagement is a process driven project aiming to match individual Studio artists with fellow professionals working in Ireland to develop creatively equal collaborative partnerships.


The manner in which this manifests itself, progresses, and indeed any product produced will depend entirely upon the relationship between the artists involved. The ethos of Engagement is one of sharing and learning from each other. 

KCAT is an open access Arts and Life-Long Learning initiative promoted by the Camphill part of KCAT’s Engagement project.



Sligo-based artist Anna Spearman works across sculpture, installation and painting, looking at how sculptural objects, the space around them and the viewer in that space, interact as vital elements in a temporal and performative experience. She has taken part in a number of residencies and exhibitions both in Ireland and Cornwall including: TRADE (Roscommon and Leitrim Local Authorities), Sligo Art Gallery (2009), a solo show in Customs House Studios, Westport (2011), CAZ
Autonomous Zones and Backlane West in Cornwall, and Dublin Live Art Festival, screening in 2012.  Before working as an artist (and receiving a BA from IT Sligo in 2007 and an MA in Fine Art: Contemporary Practice from Falmouth University, Cornwall in 2011), Anna worked in the arts and community development sectors in Dublin, Laois and Sligo.  She is currently working from a studio in The Model, Sligo.