The Care Seminar, Glór Arts Centre

Thursday 5th May, 2-5pm, Free of Charge, An event focusing on creativity and the arts in health, care, and wellbeing.

Contributing artists, facilitators and theatre practitioners will discuss how they have brought their artistic practice and experience to care/health communities and will look at the importance creativity can play in health and wellbeing both on a personal and a community level. Participants include visual artist Sinead Dinneen and collaborator Katie Verling from the ‘Kicking the Bucket’ project, theatre artist Eleanor Feeley, visual artist Sarah Fuller, theatre practitioner and therapist Marie McNamara, and Willfredd Theatre, who will be performing their show CARE at 8pm.


“…Art does not confine itself to reason and experiment. It deals also in emotion and feeling, contradiction and paradox, our multiple senses and embodied knowledge. Its resources include comedy and ritual, metaphor, imagery and symbol, sound and movement, time, space and the body. Among its strengths are the capacity to communicate things we sense inarticulately, know without knowing and are afraid to say or think.” 

Both Sides of the Coin: The Distinctive Value of Art in Health Care, François Matarasso

An exhibition of Sinead Dinneen’s and Painting Back, VOID Engage Project will run in the glór gallery from May 3rd to the 9th.

Funded by VOLTage/Clare County of Culture 2016 and supported by Age and Opportunity.

For more information and booking, contact us at Bealtaine at Age and Opportunity: E: | T: 01 853 5180| W: