Sustaining Your Practice: Artists’ Professional Development Talks, Dublin

Thursday, 26th May, 10.30am – 3pm, The Lab Studios, Foley St, Dublin, €7 which also covers the cost of lunch.

In partnership with Visual Artists Ireland, ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ consists of a number of practical talks designed to address key welfare and financial issues for mature practitioners.



Robert Ballagh was born in Dublin in 1943. He studied architecture at Dublin Institute of Technology after which he worked for a time as an engineering draughtsman. Ballagh began painting in 1967 and by 1969 he had his first solo show at The Brown Thomas Gallery Dublin. In the same year he was chosen to represent Ireland at the Paris Biennale. With painting as his main activity, Ballagh was also a successful graphic designer, famously creating national banknotes, stamps and famous set designs in this role. In 1981 Ballagh became the first chairman of Aosdana and is still known for championing the rights of the artist and their equal status in society.From portraiture, montages to political scenes, Ballagh’s work is unmistakeable for their stylised, photographic, Pop Art quality.Sheridan Le Fanu, demonstrates to the viewer a number of his qualities, his mastery of paint, an interest in architecture and theatrics. Ballagh was particularly accomplished at portraiture, painting some of the most iconic figures in Irish cultural life. A fine example of Dr. Noel Browne by the artist can be seen in the National Gallery of Ireland.

There will be four talks and a closing presentation:

  • Physical & Mental Wellbeing with Dr Loren Duffy
  • Legacy Planning from a Legal Perspective with IVARO
  • Tax and Pension Entitlements with Gaby Smyth
  • DACS Art360 Initiative with DACS’ CEO Gilane Tawadros
  • Closing presentation by artist Robert Ballagh: ‘This much I know’


To book, please contact Visual Artists Ireland. Call 01 672 9488, email or go to